What's MGG all about?

This page is dedicated to Matrix Graph Grammars (MGG) an algebraization of graph transformation systems (graph rewriting), a mathematical soundly based theory of computer science.

In a single sentence, MGG studies dynamics of graphs. Also, MGG is a model of computation, just as Turing Machines or Boolean Circuits.

The objective is to share with the community the ideas behind Matrix Graph Grammars, easing their access both by exposing them as clearly as possible and by freely permitting downloading of documents, posters, presentations, drawings and such. (For terms click here.)

In the Downloads section there are several documents at your disposal such as published articles, presentations and even an e-book in PDF format (current version is 1.2) that has been published by VDM publishing house. Available here if you want to buy it. There is a blog more oriented to the concepts than to the technicalities of the theory.

If you would like to contribute, you are absolutely welcome! Please see Future Research. If you want to contact the administrator, please send an email to admin@mat2gra.info. For more information, click here.